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How many NyQuil pills should I take? A: If you are taking NyQuil LiquiCaps, you can take two LiquiCaps with water every six hours. If you are taking NyQuil Liquid, you can take 30 mL every six hours.
Why do you have no appetite when sick? "Digesting food also takes energy, so if we're not digesting food, it frees up energy to help fight an infection or illness." While a drop in appetite might help in the short-term, loss of appetite throughout a longer-lasting illness, like some cancers, can lead to detrimental weight loss, says Hensrud.
What is the best cold and flu medicine? Best Daytime: Vicks DayQuil Cough Cold and Flu Relief. These LiquiCaps are designed to help relieve six common cold symptoms—nasal congestion, sore throat, minor aches and pains, cough, headaches, and fever. Each dose (two capsules) provides about four hours of relief.
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