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What causes goiter? A goiter can sometimes occur when your thyroid gland produces too much thyroid hormone (hyperthyroidism). In Graves' disease, antibodies produced by your immune system mistakenly attack your thyroid gland, causing it to produce excess thyroxine. This overstimulation causes the thyroid to swell.
Can birth control affect TSH levels? Taking estrogen in any form, whether as hormone replacement therapy or in birth control pills, can affect your thyroid test results. Estrogen increases thyroxine binding globulin, a protein that binds to T3, making it partially inactive. This results in high TSH, low T3, and falsely increased total T4 levels.
Can you shrink a goiter? A goiter may require no treatment, especially if it is small and thyroid hormone levels are normal. When the medication takes effect, the thyroid may begin to return to its normal size. However, a large nodular goiter with a lot of internal scar tissue will not shrink with treatment.
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