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Why do I have a runny nose and keep sneezing? When your body comes into contact with an allergen, it releases histamine, which is a natural chemical that defends your body from the allergen. This chemical can cause allergic rhinitis and its symptoms, including a runny nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes.
Should you take cold medicine? Most cold and flu drugs attack symptoms, not the specific viruses. They aren't a cure, but they can ease your symptoms or shorten your illness. There's no one right way to treat a cold or the flu. But here are some questions to ask your pharmacist to get the right over-the-counter medication for you.
Are cold and flu tablets any good? No, cold and flu tablets will not cure the cold or flu. Colds and the flu are caused by different viruses and the only way to recover is for your body to fight the infection, which generally takes a week or two.
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