The Broken Planet Encyclopedia - Lycus Dion, legendary gunslinger and outlaw!

The reputation and legend of Lycus Dion is well known amongst many of the outlaws, hired guns and renegades across the known universe but few can guess the real truth behind the myth!

Formerly of the Umbra Wardogs faction, Loaht is a failed genetic experiment -a by-product of General Marmalade’s early research with Aleph Plasma. Instead of dying a miserable death like so many other Umbra Wardog “volunteers” during the tests, something awoke inside Loaht -something powerful, dark and fuelled by rage.

Furious, Loaht broke free of the laboratory and tried to assassinate Marmalade but was forced to flee before completing his vengeance. After spending some time hiding from the Umbra Wardogs, his former colleague, Alicia, convinced him of joining the Raiders and help them stopping General Marmalade´s deranged plans.

Loaht’s skills and weapons favour an aggressive style of gameplay, making him the ideal choice for clearing enemy groups around objectives and hunting down pesky Antagonists. In a new chapter of our #Devshouts series, Javier Gago, from our QA Team, unveils how to use his temperamental weapons and get the most out of his ability to turn into a huge beast and deliver a whole world of pain to his enemies.

Loaht’s custom-made suit

Loaht’s impressive alternate skin is dubbed “Grendel”. As he grew more familiar with his power and gained more control over it, the beast’s skin started to grow scales and adopt a darker hue. Being tired of shredding his clothes whenever he transformed, Loaht contacted the Humblebee clan, famous for their ultra-elastic battle suits. The Raider chose a prototype painted a garish yellow. After all, what’s the point of wearing camouflage when you are a 4-metre-tall rampaging monster?

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